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PRODIGI Embroidery & Screen Printing is one of the top contract and wholesale embroidery companies in the nation. With our state of the art embroidery house and talented team of digitizers and embroidery specialists, we deliver the highest quality designs and embroidery!

Our embroidery house features 8 embroidery machines and 100 embroidery heads, each consisting of 9 or more needles/colors, and we employ the most sophisticated embroidery techniques to ensure the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. We operate 2 shifts to ensure that all projects are completed on-time, every time. All embroidery work, including digitizing, is performed in-house at our Houston facility.

PRODIGI is very proud of our digitizing capability and would love to provide you with designs interpreted and created by our digitizers. We are also able to accept your designs, whether hand drawn or already digitized, and covert them into workable designs. Please note we specialize in 3-D embroidery, therefore we MUST do the digitizing.

We have the ability to decorate multiple locations on virtually anything! If you are uncertain whether it can be done, we encourage you to give us the opportunity to prove it can! From straight text to complex 3-D designs, we treat every order, and every client, as our top priority and we are steadfastly committed to surpassing expectations and delivering all work, on-time.

How It Works
PRODIGI Embroidery is a contract embroidery company, meaning we do not always supply the garments to be embroidered.

Production of new designs is normally 4 to 5 working days from the time we receive your PO and artwork; repeat designs completed within 4 to 5 working days. Upon receipt of these items, we will digitize your design and provide actual sew-out in 48 to 72 hours.

Upon receipt of your items, our team inspects the items to ascertain the goods delivered are correctly matched to your PO. This process generally takes 24 to 48 hours as we thoroughly inspect your goods and notify you of any discrepancies in style, color, sizes, or defects.

Upon receipt of your sewout approval and goods for the job, we will complete all work within the allotted time frame. WE must have 24 to 48 hours to count in and inspect your goods to meet the production time.

Please note: PRODIGI Embroidery & Screen Printing checks in every order received and matches the merchandise against your purchase order. We count every garment received for style, color, size accuracy, and defects.

The Embroidery Process
Once the design or logo is digitized, the machines are programmed and set up with the desired threads. The embroidery area is backed with a material stabilizer, which may be cut, torn, or sometimes soaked away after the embroidery work is completed. Once the embroidery process is finished, the extra backing is removed, leaving backing only under the stitching, where it is needed.

Our embroidery specialists load each piece by hand and monitor the machines as they quickly sew the digitized design. Once each piece in the batch is completed, the specialists remove them and load the additional pieces. To ensure the highest quality, each item is inspected for stitch quality, stray threads are removed, and extra backing is removed.

We invite you to browse some of our partners’ on-line catalogs featuring a variety of apparel, hats, and bags. If you would like pricing on our goods, please contact us.

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